On Haters

If it hasn’t yet, this Jiujitsu journey will bring haters. They can come from within the BJJ community; your competition success, rank, or your gi. And haters will appear outside the dojo as well, as [...]

Level up With Flow

Everywhere in life, progress is found through flow, through doing, not stopping doing from being done. There are certainly times to hold the line, park, wait it out and hide. But these are temporary solutions. [...]

3 reasons you should show up with an Injury

We know injuries are inevitable, and are usually perceived as a huge bummer when time is needed off from live rolling. But with every injury is opportunity, and continuing to show up to class is [...]

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Staying Positive and Focused While Indoors

Everybody enjoying quarantine? I think the most surprising thing I’ve learned about myself these past few weeks is how many unique songs I can make up, to sing to my dogs. Productivity which has always [...]

How Often Should I Rest?

One thing I’ve gotten in the habit of in jiu-jitsu (and other sports) is “saving myself for next time.” In the context of jiu-jitsu, that means taking breaks during open mat to catch my breath, [...]

Rolling at a New BJJ Gym

Jiu-jitsu is unlike any activity or sport I’ve ever done. This past weekend I got to experience a new layer that has caused my love for the sport and community to grow. While visiting my [...]

Managing An Injury

Injuries happen at jiu-jitsu, even though it’s called “the gentle art” (unless you’re like me and they ONLY happen outside of jiu-jitsu). I recently talked about mat rust, and for many, injuries can be a [...]

A Case Of Mat Rust

A friend of mine hasn’t attended a jiu-jitsu class since Thanksgiving. He called me after attending a class last week and reported feeling a “sharp regression” in his flow. He also commented that he got [...]

Flow Like Water

My friend had a poster of Bruce Lee poster with his famous “Be water, my friend,” quote on it. I remember making fun of him and Bruce Lee for it. At the time, it didn’t [...]

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No Bad Days

The life of an Israeli Air Force cadet is a psychological rollercoaster. When drilling complex aerobatic maneuvers, sometimes execution is flawless, other times it comes with unintended turbulence. In the 1950’s, the cadet instructors had [...]

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