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Women's Only Self-Defense Program


Neutral Ground’s Women’s FREE Self Defense 4 Week Course is designed to introduce our female students to the 4 phases of a stranger and non stranger attack with proper and effective technical combatives. Through the four weeks, we will discuss the phases of Identifying/Intrusion, Subdue/Desensitization, Control/Isolation, Carrying out the assault. The order of class subject is to begin with less invasive practice and gradually work week by week into more contact. Starting each lesson with solo techniques and gradually working up to more contact with the instructor and class partners. While each week we are adding more new practice, we will also be reviewing the past lessons to convert the accumulated knowledge into muscle memory.

What to Expect

It is encouraged that all participants at least try the movements, but everything is arranged so that participants can take breaks whenever needed and practice at their comfort level. While having lessons on a serious matter, our objective is to make the class fun and inviting while also keeping its students feeling safe and respected in a nurturing environment. While we are practicing scenarios that are uncomfortable to prepare for, the benefits of the course are not only learning technical self defense, but also gaining body awareness, confidence and reaction.

Photos From Our Last Women's Only Session

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