Everybody enjoying quarantine? I think the most surprising thing I’ve learned about myself these past few weeks is how many unique songs I can make up, to sing to my dogs. Productivity which has always come to me in waves has dissipated. I’ve had to put a lot of mental energy into positivity and staying focused on goals I set for myself in March and for the year. This post is going to talk about a few in case anybody else is in the same boat. 

Staying Productive and Positive

Here are things I’m doing to keep myself positive and focused (as I write this in sweatpants which have become my new work pants). 

  • Bullet Journaling – Ryder Carroll published the Bullet Journal Method in 2018, so I am a little behind the times. I gave it a try in December 2019 and it really does help. Since starting this, I’ve been better able to organize my thoughts, days and activities for the day/week/month. 
  • Forest App – My friend introduced me to this app designed to help you keep off your phone, which is helpful because I can be a compulsive phone checker. Especially when I have to write something…Basically you open the app and set a timer and the less you are on your phone, the more virtual trees you plant. I am 34 and there is something really relaxing about cultivating a virtual forest with my productivity. 
  • Stoicism – A Greek philosophy founded in 3 B.C., one of the main pillars is focusing your energy and effort into only what you can control.  There are many great books and journals on Stoicism, including a diary of Marcus Aurelius. I read a short thought each day from a book written by Ryan Holiday

What About Jiu-Jitsu?

I mean…this is a jiu-jitsu blog, right? Here are a few resources I’ve found to continue my practice while in quarantine:


  • John Danaher’s Solo Training Drills – John Danaher is somewhat of a celebrity in the grappling community. He’s taught and mentored many of the best grapplers in the world. When COVID drove everyone indoors, he announced that he was releasing a collection of solo training drills free.
  • NG Facebook Page – Jon and a handful of students are keeping good content flowing even though classes aren’t being held. Make sure you check it out! 


Feel free to comment on what you are doing to stay positive and focused on your training and/or in your life. And if you’re a Neutral Ground member, join the Facebook group!